Assistant Professor

Department of Zoology

Netaji Mahavidyalaya Arambagh, Hooghly-712601

Mobile: 9681798118



Date of Birth: August 13, 1986,          Marital status: Married           Citizenship: Indian


Examination Board/University Institution Year Percentage Division/Class
Class X West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (W.B.B.S.E) St. Johns’ Diocesan Girls H.S. School 2003 80 First
Class XII West Bengal Council of Secondary Education (W.B.C.H.S.E) National High School for Girls 2005 74.4 First
B.Sc. (Zoology Hons.) University of Calcutta Jogamaya Devi College 2008 68* *Chaya Ghosh Memorial Award from college for scoringhighest in Zoology First
M.Sc.(Zoology) University of Calcutta Ballygunge Science College 2010 81.6 First
Ph.D. (Biotechnology and Immunology) Jadavpur University National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases (Division of Immunology) August 2016
SERB National Post-doctoral fellow Department of Biotechnology National Centre for Cell Science September 2016- January 2017

Other Courses Taken

  • Two Credit Course on Genomics and Biotechnology by MHRD and University of Pune
  • Bio-informatics tools and application
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Institutional Biosafety Training


  • Recipient of SERB National Post-doctoral fellowship and functioned as Principal Investigator of the project
  • Qualified CSIR/UGC NET December 2010 examination as JRF
  • GATE 2011 qualified with 94 percentile.
  • 10th In M.Sc (Zoology) University of Calcutta.
  • 1st B.Sc In College (C.U).


  • Sinha, D., Ghosh, A. K., Mukherjee, S., Biswas R. and Biswas. T. 2015. Porin differentiates TLR mediated proinflammatory response of follicular zone B cell from TLR-unresponsive IL-10 expressing marginal zone B cell. 76: 193-205.
  • Ghosh, A. K., Sinha, D., Mukherjee, S., Biswas R. and Biswas. T. 2015. LPS stimulates and Hsp70 down-regulates TLR4 to orchestrate differential cytokine response of culture-differentiated innate memory CD8+ T cells. Cytokine 73: 44-52. (Joint First Author).
  • Sinha, D., Ghosh, A. K., Mukherjee, S., Biswas, R. and Biswas, T. (2014) Antigenic relatedness defines Toll-like receptor 2 is crafted on ligand blueprint. Immunobiology 219: 798-801.
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  • Ghosh, A. K., Sinha, D., Biswas, R. and Biswas, T. (2017) IL-15 stimulates NKG2D while promoting IgM expression of B-1a cells. Cytokine 95: 43-50.

Experimental Techniques

    Total five years of experience in handling and operation of BD FACSAria II (Three laser 9 colour system) and BD FACSCalibur (Two laser 4 colour system) along with their operating soft wares FACSDiva and CellQuest respectively.
    Hands-on Experience on the Following Applications of Flow Cytometer:

    • Cell sorting after staining with flurochrome conjugated antibodies of surface markers (Purification of Follicular an Marginal Zone B cells from spleen, CD4+ T cell from thymus, and B-1a cell from peritoneal cavity of mouse)
    • Immunophenotyping of both primary cells and secondary cell lines.
    • Intracellular cytokine assay by blocking cytokines in Golgi body and then its detection by respective flurochrome conjugated monoclonal antibodies.
    • Cell proliferation assay using CellTrace™ CFSE Cell Proliferation Kit
    • Apoptosis analysis by Annexin V vs PI staining
    • TUNNEL Assay with Apo-Direct Kit
    • Cell cycle study by PI staining
    • Checking of siRNA transfection efficiency in primary cells after conjugating siRNAs with flurochromes.
  2. Magnetic Cell Sorter Operation (Auto MACS)
  3. Purification of bacterial outer membrane protein (porin)
  4. Experimental animal treatment (mouse)
  5. Murine B, T cell and MФ purification and culture
  6. Maintenance and culture of mammalian cell lines
  7. ELISA
  8. Western Blotting
  9. RT-PCR and Real-Time PCR technique
  10. RNA-interference (siRNA knockdown of proteins in murine cell)
  11. Size exclusion chromatography
  12. HIV-1 virus preparation and infection
  13. PBMC isolation and culture