Brief History


  • In 1948 the faculty of Bio Science was budded concurrently off its main stem, the nascent intermediate college Netaji Mahavidyalaya.
  • Prof. Saroj Kumar Sinha being the founder of the faculty served the department as Lecturer.
  • In 1955 Dr. Kamal Krishna Sarkar assumed the responsibility of the faculty.
  • In 1960 the Burdwan University established. The college was handed over to the nascent university. Two year degree course was introduced.
  • In 1966 Sri Golok Behari Hazra was appointed to assist the faculty as demonstrator.
  • In 1971 Three year degree course was introduced.
  • In 1972 Sri Parimal Kumar Hazra assumed the responsibility as lecturer in zoology.
  • In 1973 Dr.Tarun Kumar Ghatak joined as Lecturer in Zoology to flourish the department.
  • In 1975 Dr. Manomohan Chakrabarti assisted the faculty as lecturer in Zoology.
  • In 1983 the faculty was glorified with the inception of Honours Course.
  • In 1984 Dr. Swapan Kumar Bhattyacharyya appointed as lecturer in Zoology.
  • In 1987 Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Chaudhuri (Hazra) complemented the faculty as lecturer.
  • In 2005 Sri Souryadeep Mukherjee joined the department as lecturer in Zoology.
  • In 2008 Mrs. Payel Bose joined the department as Part-time teacher in Zoology
  • In 2010 Mr. Siddharthasankar Banerjee joined the department as Assistant Professor in Zoology
  • In2010 Mr. Gobinda Chandra Roy joined the department as Assistant Professor in Zoology
  • In 2014 Mr. Saptarshi Banerjee joined the department as Guest Teacher in Zoology
  • In 2014 Mrs. Atreyee Sahana joined the department as Guest Teacher in Zoology


Faculty Profile


Name Qualification Designation Specialization Faculty Profile
Dr. Ujjwal Malik

Ph.d, Postdoc (China)

Assistant Professor

Spider Behavior & Chemical Ecology

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Dr. Avijit Mukherjee

M.Sc, Ph.d

Assistant Professor


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Dr. Debolina Sinha

M.Sc, Ph.d

Assistant Professor


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Dr. Pradip Mondal M.Sc, Ph.d Assistant Professor Endocrinology & Fish Biology View Profile
Mrs. Koyel Bisoi M.Sc Genetics & Molecular Biology Endocrinology & Fish Biology View Profile
Mrs. Payel Bose M.Sc. Guest Teacher Parasitology View Profile


Special Features


One of the special features of our department is excellent teacher –student relationship. Responsive nature of our teachers makes our students competent to interact with them without hesitation. Within class room and outside the class room, this relationship enhances their academic and other development.
In addition to this, two well-equipped laboratories with both modern and traditional facilities strengthen our department. These laboratory instruments assist students in understanding practical issues and as well as in theories.
One seminar library enriched with 170 books of both Indian and foreign publishers give the students opportunity to flourish their knowledge.
One museum with more than 300 biological specimens (macroscopic and microscopic) including non-chordates, chordates, skeletons, bones of different animals and histological slides is an asset of our department. These collections enhance the knowledge and better understanding of students.
Above all, involvement of students in extra-curricular activities is another specialty of this department. Among all departments our department pioneered the publication of wall magazine- “Pearl Oyster” in 2004. Till that, 11 editions of “Pearl Oyster” have been published.