Brief History

Netaji mahavidyalaya was established in Arambagh subdivision of Hooghly district. Dr Radhakrishns Pal, a noted academician of the locality was the founder of the college. Departmant of Santhali was inaugurated in the college on 1st August 2008 by Sri Binod Das, a noted freedom fighter of the locality. Since the very inception of the department, Santhali language is being taught as a subject and medium of communication. In 2008, Prof. kunjo Das Murmu joined the department. Initially, there were 28 students in fast year General batch (2008-2009). Honours in Santhali language was introduced in 2009 and 21 students got admitted in it. In 2009, Sri Siddheswar Murmu joined the department. In 2010, Sri Shabram Saren joined the department. With the progress of time many difficulties arose regarding class room teaching. In 2012, two other teachers, Sri Swarup Chand Murmu and Sri Biren Mandi joined the department. Right now the department has four teachers. The Teaching learning is going on smoothly both at the General and Honours Level. Results of the department are very good during 2011-2014. Students of the department come from far away places and get educated. Many students passed out from the department get absorbed in govt. services as per their qualifications.

Faculty Profile






Kunjo Das Murmu

Contractual Whole time teacher


Social and Cultiral History of the santhals


Saheb Ram Soren

Contractual Whole time teacher


Swarup Chand Murmu

Guest Lecturer



Biren Mandi

Guest Lecturer


Celebration of Teachers' Day by the Santhali Dept

Celebration of Teachers’ Day by the Santhali Dept

Special Features

An all out endeavor is made by the department to survive the Santhali Language akin to Alchiki which is on the verge of extinction particularly because of globalization.