Brief History

The department of Sanskrit is an old as the college. It started its journey since 1948,the year of establishment of the institution. From 19957-1959 it started teaching General course under the same university. Since then, it ran the two-year Degree General course in this subject. During this period Prof.. Ram Acharya, Prof.. Kamal Krishra Bairagi, Dr Pranab Kumar Dutta (10.11.60.-31-12-95), Prof.. Chitralekha Chowdhury, Prof. Saktipada Bhattacharay(5.09.66 to 28.2.02),Prof. Tulsi Mukhopadhayay,Prof. Nirad Baran Mondal, Prof. Mritunjoy Acharya(06-02-75 to28-02.2002) worked successfully in co-operation with a number of part-time teachers.

A large number of graduates were produced during this period with Sanskrit as a combination subject. In 1970 when the college was upgraded to a Degree College, both Honours and General course in Sanskrit were introduced and the same are running till date.

In 1959, Prof. Ram Acharya and Kamal Krishra Bairagi left this college and Dr Pranab kumar Dutta joined against first post of this department in 1960. At that time Prof.. Chitralekha Chowdhury joined this department against the 2nd post. After two years she left this college and Prof. Saktipada Bhattacharya joined this department in 1966 against the same post. In 1967 Prof. Tulsi Mukhopaclhayay and Nirad Baran Mondal joined against the 3rd and the fourth post respectively. But within two years they left the college and Prof. Mritunjoy Acharya joined against the 3rd post in 1975. Then Prof. Debaprosad Sinha filled up the 4th post. In 1995 Dr. Pranab Kumar Dutta retired and Prof. Sumita Batabyal filled up that post. After 7 years Sumita Batabyal left this college and on 8.04.2010 Prof.. Purbasha Ghosh joined .After the joining of Prof.. Purbasha Ghosh, Prof. Debaprosad Sinha successfully acted as the Head of the department and ran it with the help of 4 other Part Time teachers. Prof. Sinha retired from this college on 31st August,2012, and as a result, Prof. Ghosh became the Head of the department. Thereafter, Prof.. H.K.Santra joined in the month of April,2014 filling up the 4th post .At present Prof. Purbasha Ghosh is trying her level best to run this department in co-operation with Prof.. H.K.Santra and 4 Part-time teachers.

The departmental library has been enriched by purchasing a good number of essential books. Not only that, computer has also been installed in order to expedite the teachers. The students can also use the computer in order to enrich their knowledge as well to gather various pieces of information. In future all round development will be the aim of this department.

Faculty Profile






Purbasha Ghosh

  M.A , M.Phil

Assistant Professor



Hemanta Kumar   Santra  


 Assistant Professor



Sujit Paramanik


Assistant Professor

Advaita Vedanta


Rahim Mandal


Assistant Professor



Madhumita Shil

  M.A, M.Phil

Part- time teacher



Ritabrata Goswami


Part- time teacher



Special Features

Good relation and co-operation among the teachers is the key to the improvement of our college as well as of the department. Moreover, there is a praiseworthy relation among the teachers and the students. The students are very co-operative, and their behaviour with as well as respect to the is also remarkable. The teachers are really proud of it.

Teachers’ Day celebration is held every year with cultural functions like recitation, debate etc.

For the betterment of the students tutorial classes are arranged in which the teachers try to put the best of them in making of the deficiency, if any, in the classroom teaching.

Above all, results of the last few years are very good . A large number of the students came out successful. A good number of students get chance to be admitted into P.G classes in different universities. We expect to uphold the reputation of our college also in the years to come.