Brief History


The Department of English is as old as the college .It started its journey since 1948, the year of establishment of the institution. From 1948-1956 it was an intermediate college under the University of Calcutta. From 1957 – 1959 it started teaching General course under the same university. It started teaching the same course according to the University of Burdwan since 1960, the very year of establishment of this university. Since then, it ran the two year Degree General course in the subject. During this period Bijoy Sankar Dubey, Nagen Chatterjee, Saileswar Pal, Sri Rabindranath Ghosh (from 10.2.58 to 31.12.95) and Sri Satyabrata Bhattacharya (from 2.8.58 to 31.7.95) worked successfully in co-operation with a number of Part-time teachers. A large number of graduates were produced during this period with English as a combination subject.

The Department turned into an Honours teaching one in 1996, the very year in which Sri Uday Kumar Nandi (the present HOD) joined against the post of Sri Bhattacharya. Mrs. Nandita Bhukta joined against the post of Sri Ghosh in 1999. These two full-time teachers have been trying their best to run the Department smoothly in co-operation with a number of Part-time teachers. Of the latter, who worked earlier are Late Ananta Sarkar, Sri Rajib Chakrabarty, Sri Debashis Ghosh, Sri Falguni Ghosh, Sri Sudip Dutta, Sri Debiprasad De, Sri Muktiprakash Roy, Sri Rajarshi Kundu, Mrs. Chhanda Nandi, Miss Jaita Nag, Sri Dibyendu Reja, Sri Sambhunath Majhi, Sri Jayanta Ghosh, Sri Soumitra Chatterjee and Miss Debashree Paul. The present Part-time teachers include Mrs. Sanghita Reja, Sri Gourab Chatterjee, Miss Bratati Barik, Sri Satadal Chakrabarty and Miss Trisita Ganguly, the last three being the ex-students of the Department. It is our proud privilege to declare that all of them except Mrs. Reja and Miss Ganguly have been well placed, Sri Ghosh and Miss Barik as Assistant Professors (after qualifying in NET) and Sri Chakrabarty as an Assistant Teacher.

A separate departmental chamber was formed in 2006, and it is presently equipped with a library of its own consisting of as many as 274 books. The departmental Wall Magazine was first published on 24.9.2005 in collaboration with the departments of Bengali and Sanskrit. Then it was entitled PHOENIX. After that it started being published under the name FLINT. For the last 7 years as many as seven issues of the said Wall Mag have been brought out.

The drop-out rate of students of the Department has been always fluctuating and the success-rate gradually increasing over the last few years. So far, as many as 15 students got first class in the final University Examination, of whom Sri Jayanta Ghosh, one of the present Part-time teachers qualified in NET-2006. Approximately, 100 of the students doing Honours from the Department completed PG course, and approximately 50 students are placed in different services during the last 4/5 years.

Not simply being confined to Teaching learning Programme, the students have all along been participating in co-curricular activities, be it through contributing to the college Magazine or departmental Wall Magazine, attending Sports and Games, serving as NSS volunteers or NCC cadets or through taking part in cultural competitions. Of the candidates who have shown remarkable proficiency in this respect, mention must be made of Sri Biswajit Chatterjee who stood 1st in the All West Bengal Students’ Health Home Recitation Competition in 2004.


Faculty Profile






Uday Kr. Nandi

M. A.

Associate Professor

Comparative Literature and Linguistics

Nandita Bhukta [Mondal]

M. A.

Asst. Professor

Ancient European Classics

Sanghita Reja

M. A.

Part-time Teacher

American Literature and Linguistics and Phonetics

Bratati Barik

M. A.
M. Phil.

Part-time Teacher

Post 1950s British Literature, ELT and Stylistics

  Gourab Chatterjee

M. A.

Guest Teacher

Literary Theory and Post 1950s British Literature

  Trisita Ganguly

M. A.

Guest Teacher

Theory & Old English Literature

Special Features

  1. Perfect co-ordination among the teachers.
  2. Good Teacher-Student rapport.
  3. Scope for borrowing books (reference books, in particular) from the Seminar Library by the students.
  4. A Computer is installed in the Department.
  5. Completion of cent percent syllabus at all levels.
  6. Regular publication of the Departmental Wall Magazine FLINT.