Brief History


Established in 1948, the Department of Economics has a long history of dissemination of academic resources to the students and fulfill the academic standards that the University of Burdwan desires from any department. It has always devoted itself to enhancing the quality of students through the resources available in the form of teaching faculty, addition to physical infrastructure and a tightly woven teacher-student relationship.

In the beginning of its journey, the department was run under the name ‘Civics and Economics’ at the pre-University stage. Since 1960 onwards the department has been teaching the subject separately. During these years Professor Dipak Banerjee and Professor Lakshminarayan Ghosh used to teach the syllabus to the students. The year 1984 is significant to the department as in this year the Honours Degree in B.A. in Economics course was introduced. The needs and demand for the course is indicative of capacity and capability of the department as well as the college to run such extended course. Professor G.M. Midya joined as a full-time faculty in the third sanctioned post of the department in the year 1989. The department started running in a full-fledged manner and contemplated on man-making education of the students as well as building their career. After the sudden demise of Professor Ghosh in 1991, Sri Tarak Nath Roy was appointed as a Lecturer, and has been actively engaged in the academic and the administrative duties assigned to him since then.

In 1995 Professor Banerjee retired after successful completion of sincere service of thirty-five years and the vacancy was fulfilled by Mr. Anindya Bhukta in 1990. Professor Bhukta joined the post of a full-time teacher on substantive basis in 1996. In 2003 Professor Midya had to leave the department as he was appointed the Principal of Manteswar College. For ensuing five years Professor Roy and Professor Bhukta took the responsibility of teaching the students of the department with their utmost sincerity and diligence. Ms. Anindya Bhattacharya joined the department as a full-time teacher in the year 2008 and till then she has been sharing the duty assigned to the department. At present, the department is running with its complete capacity of three sanctioned posts and trying to meet the needs of the students with available resources.

As far as the infrastructural provision to the department is concerned, the department has gradually been equipped with modern teaching aids and facilities. Though it started teaching under a thatch in the founding years, today it may boast of having independent departmental chamber, its own computer access and a seminar (departmental) library consisting of almost 200 reference books. In day-to-day academic teaching-learning schedule, therefore, the department can act in a self-sufficient manner.

Being very much connected to the rest of the facilities available to the teachers and the students of the college as a whole, the students can anytime access to the books and cyber system as provided by the central library of the college and perform up to their potential.

The students of the department do mainly come up from the local and neighbouring towns and villages. However, due to various social and structural reasons, the strength of student of the department is a cause of worry to the department as well as to the college authority. The subject not generally being taught at the school level in the state and its syllabus in the twelfth standard not being updated as much as it is desired, the students have to see it as a new subject at their undergraduate study only. Besides, the subject is treated as a humanities subject in spite of the fact that it requires strong mathematical background of the learners. Economics as a subject is rich in theory full of mathematical applications that is found to be another cause of low student strength of the department. The teachers are aware of this difficulty and always try to inspire the young learners to get into the depth of the subject and to make them informed about the tremendous job prospects attached to the study of the subject.

With relatively thin flow of the students the department, however, has a strikingly good success rate in terms of the percentage of students passing in the examinations. The placement statistics tell us that many of them continue higher studies in the subject or in the managerial sciences in different institutions and establish themselves in desired occupational places.

Other than pursuing the scheduled teaching-learning activity in their syllabus, the students of this department take part in different extra-curricular performances.

The department has its own wall magazine Observer the first issue of which came into being in 2012 as a fruit of sheer enthusiasm of the batch of students that time. Due to dearth of students the regularity in publication of the wall magazine though often faces the question mark, some lively answers get ready as soon as students flow in and pour into their write-ups and sketches in Observer. So far two issues of the magazine could be published.

Faculty Profile





Dr. Tarak Nath Roy

M. A., Ph. D

Associate Professor

International  Economics

  Anindya Bhukta

M. A.

Associate Professor

Agricultural Economics

Anindya Bhattacharya

M. A.

Assistant Professor

Statistics and  Econometrics

Special Features

  • The department organized a UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Industrial Resurgence: Constraints and Opportunities”
  • Satisfactory success rate in the Honours Examinations conducted by the University of Burdwan for the last four years.