Brief History


The Department of Botany of Netaji Mahavidyalaya started functioning from 1948 with I.Sc. Course in Biology. The B.Sc. Bio-Science (General) course was started in 1971 and B. Sc. Botany (Honours) in 1994. A good number of students of this Department have been graduated from this college and well established in the society. At present, the department has three full time teachers, three part time teachers and two technical staffs.

The results of this department are satisfactory. The sizable number of students get first class in University Honours examination every year. After completion of B.Sc. Honours Degree they get chances for admission in M. Sc. or higher studies in different states and central Universities of our country. Some of the students are doing their research work for M. Phil or Ph.D. degree.

Apart from regular theory and practical classes, the students of the department have opportunity to explore their innovative academic thinking through participation in Seminar, Group Discussion and Quiz organized by the department. Moreover, the department organizes field works at different places for studying the flora and fauna in Nature. All the students participate in long Excursion conducted at different parts of India ,where they get the opportunity to study the vegetation and important taxonomic characteristics of plants growing in Nature. In fact, they achieve academic expertise and good experiences which may help them for the placement in future.


Faculty Profile








M.Sc, Ph.D

Associate Professor



Pradyut Biswas


Assistant Professor



Tamal Mondal


Assistant Professor

Medical Botany and Pharmacognosy


Subir Kumar Samanta


Govt. approved Part time teacher

Environmental Botany


Sayani Biswas


Guest Lecturer



Pritha Bhattacharya (Sasmal)


Guest Lecturer

Cell Biology

Special Features

  • The University of Burdwan recognized the department for doing PhD research works.
  • Two research scholars are currently doing their research works for PhD degree under UGC sponsored Major Research Project (vide File No. 41-444/2012 (SR) Dt. 17th July, 2012).


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